(nonsensical absurdist)


Fisher’s artwork is a product of years of horror movies, picture books, comic books and a fear of other people. 

His work has appeared on rock posters, albums, alternative newspapers and magazines as well as haunting the walls of small venues and galleries in several states. He has published two books of illustrated story-lines and over a dozen of short-run mini comics. His sharp and humorous commentary has appeared in several online blogs , and his short fiction and prose has been published in a handful of literary collections and chapbooks. 

Born in Kansas City, MO., Fisher was influenced early on by the books (Dr. Suess, Shel Silverstein and Maurice Sendak) that his father would read to him to go to sleep. His interest in drawing came about after learning to his frustration that drawing was not an innate ability when receiving a book of concept drawings on the movie Star Wars. He has been drawing ever since. His love for the art of story telling was solidified after seeing Time Bandits and getting a collection of Edward Gorey books as a gift from his aunt. And his interest in mythology, religion, folklore and superstitions brought with them the understanding that not every story needed to have a lesson, have a happy ending or even make sense. 
Today, those influences combine with the new ones – the distant sounds of a train, long walks at night alone, between moments in good instrumental music and within the folds of slow moving smoke – to produce a world that is definitely his own’s, whether it be written, drawn or other. He continues to do so from his home and studio in Louisville, Kentucky.

He is very uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person.