The End, as We Know It, For Now…

…and I Feel Fine-ish

Last week I posted the last of the Crumbly Drawings to my Etsy storefront; not ALL of the drawings, just all of the ones that’ll be made available.
The full collection is still available in book form in its entirety: My Legs Are Useless

There is more news, but I’ll save that for its own post in the coming days. Until then, thanks to all the positive responses to these drawings and to those who have purchased some! Cheers!


CN_111          CN_112

CN_113          CN_114


Two in One…or The Second to Last Day..

I is for Imp

“I is for Imp” – 3.5x5 inch - ink on paper …ninth week of Alphabeasts.
I’ve got two posts in one for you today, the latest Alphabeast drawing, as you can see above, and the five latest Crumbly drawings just recently listed to the Etsy Store below…

CN_106          CN_107
CN_108          CN_109

Tomorrow will be the last update to the Esty Store (well, last update of Crumbly Drawings).
There will be other items eventually listed – handmade Curio-Styled items; Prints: other drawings; etc. – but not before a break to get some needed work done…namely: completing the new website and finishing artwork for several submissions I can mention no more about at this time.
Sometimes I find it hard to think of how to end these posts, so today I’ll just do so by punching myself in the face and hitting “publish”…

the End is Near…

Only two more days, ten more drawing to list after these…and who knows? Then I might start list strange little sculptures or other things.


CN_091          CN_092

CN_093          CN_094

CN_095          CN_096

CN_097          CN_098

CN_099          CN_100

CN_101          CN_102

CN_103          CN_104


A Horizon Drawing Closer…

Three days and fifteen more drawings posted. We’re getting close to the end of these…only a few more days left to go.
Thanks to all those that have purchased a drawing or two; to those that have helped me by retweeting/reposting the drawings & the store; and to those that have just browsed the collection and enjoyed them enough to say so.

It means a lot to me.


CN_076          CN_077

CN_078          CN_079

CN_080          CN_081

CN_082          CN_083

CN_084          CN_085

CN_086          CN_087

CN_088          CN_089


The Math is Dressed in Vinyl…

It’s been several days since my last update about the Crumbly drawings that are being listed, so there have been many added:

CN_051          CN_052

CN_053          CN_054

CN_055          CN_056

CN_057          CN_058

CN_059          CN_060

CN_061          CN_062

CN_063          CN_064

CN_065          CN_066

CN_067          CN_068

CN_069          CN_070

CN_071          CN_072

CN_073          CN_074


This brings the total to 75 drawings now posted of the 115. Only a few more weeks to go….and then I can rest…..or not:


I’m currently choosing a few of these Crumbly characters to sculpt for limited edition either vinyl or resin figures. This will be an entirely new area for me, one I know very little about, so I’m sorta feeling my way as I go.
The idea is to start out with five of my favorite characters from this entire series. If I’m able to accomplish making them into finished figures, then I might continue with a second series, but that will be down the road a ways if at all.
The first thing to do is to pick five and start sculpting…in which I’m open for suggestions.

And We all Fall Down….

Two days, and ten more drawings listed on the Etsy Store.

CN_041          CN_042

CN_043          CN_044

CN_045          CN_046

CN_047          CN_048

CN_049          CN_050

You might be wondering to yourself if ghost cats have to haunt a place for nine times as long as anyone else, to which I have no answer. Now, had you been wondering if it’ll be that I’ll list items OTHER than the Crumbly Drawings I’ve been posting, then the answer is YES.

I have been working on finishing some hand made items, sculptures and masks, that I plan to add to the store as soon as finished. More info about that at a later time.

But, even so, I’ll be keeping with the five Crumbly Drawings a day routine until all 115 drawings are listed.

One-Fourth of Twenty-Fifty-Sevenths and a Half…

Two more days, and ten more drawings listed on the Etsy Store.

I sent off the first batch of sold drawings today and learned that the quotes I got online for shipping were somewhat off. So I have adjusted all of the listings with updated shipping and handling charges….the main difference being that shipping to Canada and Internationally have gone down significantly.


CN_031          CN_032

CN_033          CN_034

CN_035          CN_036

CN_037          CN_038

CN_039          CN_040

This makes Forty drawings now listed out of the Hundred and Fifteen total.

Again, HERE’S a link to the downloadable CONTACT SHEET that shows the order in which these are being posted, in case you are waiting for any drawing in particular:

Days Skip like a Needle at Record’s End…

It’s been a few days since my last post, and while I haven’t made good on my promise to do a daily post about the drawings that I’m making available to purchase, I HAVE at least been keeping up with actually posting the drawings in question.

The following are all the additional drawings that have been uploaded to my Etsy Store since my last update:


CN_006          CN_007

CN_008          CN_009

CN_010          CN_011

CN_012          CN_013

CN_014          CN_015

CN_016          CN_017

CN_018          CN_019

CN_020          CN_021

CN_022          CN_023

CN_024          CN_025

CN_026          CN_027

CN_028          CN_029


Still keeping to my promise that I’ll be adding five per day to the store, so be sure to check it out daily…..and buy everything…..and tell me that it’ll all be ok…..and that I’m pretty!

One of Twenty Three

As promised, the first five of the 115 Crumbly Drawings are now up and available on the Etsy Store. I will be posting five every evening for the next few weeks…

Agnostic Eel

Sanguinis Steward 


Penance Bone Soup 

Marooned One

I have also made a contact sheet showing all of the drawings that will be made available as well as the order that I’ll be making them available, that you can find HERE and download:

A Mostly Crumbly Month…


It has been a more than a long time coming, my making good on the threats to put these drawings up for sale that is…but I not only wanted the BOOK to have its time, but I wanted to present these drawing in the right way.

As many of you might already know, this entire series was done using ballpoint pen on notepad paper…not your most commonly used fine art materials, and for that reason, not the most archival.
So, the first step in preparing these images was to give each and every one of them (including the ones that I later decided not to add to the “sell” list) two coats from an Archiving Spray, which, for anyone else who has done this knows, is a horrible horrible process! But, I now know that my lungs will long outlast me!

The rest of the process (for those interested and have not already been distracted away by something shiny on the Internet) can be witnessed in a previous post on this here blog-type-thing.

So, starting tomorrow evening, I’ll be putting these little parts of myself on my Etsy Store in the amounts of five per day, for the next twenty three days (he says in basic maths).

Being the reclusive artists that I am, with a little following (have I mentioned that I love you folks?), I’m not sure how these will be received, or if they’ll be noticed hardly at all…so I’m asking in my nicest online voice for help in spreading the word by posting links to those you’d think would be interested, reposting this blog entry (and the daily ones to follow), and shouting from street corners at random passerbys.

But now, I’m going to relax after weeks of work with several glasses of wine….Cheers!

For Lack of a Better Title…

….or, “After the Long Absence from Blogging”.

I know what you’re saying to yourself right now, “No one has ever smuggled and entire pumpkin through a customs checkpoint, up their ass!”…and while that might be true, it has no bearing over what I’m updating this little blog with….so stop day-dreaming and pay attention!
A while back I had threatened that after the Crumbly Nevertheless Book – “My Legs Are Useless” was finished and in the world (for better or worse), that I would make the actual drawings themselves available. The one thing in my favor at this point is that I never said exactly when, just after.

For those of you preparing to argue semantics complete with lit torches and raised pitchforks, as well as those of you still trying to shove that pumpkin in your bottom, the reason for this post is to let you know that I intend to finally make good on my past threat.

As most of you might already know, at least those of you who had followed the Crumbly Nevertheless blog and/or purchased the book of the collection, the drawings themselves were all done in ballpoint pen on 3x5 inch unlined notebook pad paper…not really the best format to be sold to collectors. So I have spent the majority of this week making the collection both more presentable as well as more archival.

Before anything else, all of the drawings were sprayed with an archiving spray…unfortunately, this was done in my studio. Let me take this opportunity to just inform you all NEVER to do this. While all the drawings are now ph neutral and will survive longer without fading or yellowing, my brain is not! I do believe that my brain HAS in fact both faded and yellowed slightly in the past week….plus, the night after the drawings were sprayed, I dreamt that rabbits wearing top hats were yelling at me for my lack of string possession….but I digress.

From then, it has been a multi step process of bringing the drawings to a presentable and salable state. First, all of the drawings were mounted onto cotton rag paper rendered down to 4.5 x 6.6 inches and embossed to closely frame the drawing.



These mounted drawing would eventually be attached to 8x10 black matts, so I decided to make vintage styled photo corners.corners

Which brings us to the drawings as they are while I write this. That is, all of the drawings (a total of 116 out of the whole collection) have been mounted and “cornered”, and all of the matt board has been cut down to 8x10. That leaves me with adhering the corner with the drawings to the boards; labels to be made and attached to the matching image; finally, all then to be bagged in protective sleeves to be made available for human consumption.stack 
I am still undecided as to the best way to make these drawings available. I am at this time leaning mostly towards posting a few at a time on my sadly neglected Etsy Store, but still considering other options.
Considering the amount of work on these that I’ve been able to accomplish over the past week, I’m anticipating having these completed sometime this week, and hopefully photographed and available by the weekend.


Next Up: Completing the print collections of the "Removing the Head to Steal all of It’s Miracles” drawing series.headless_prints