New Things eating Old Things...

New Website….Finally!

I know it’s been forever since I threatened an updated website….even longer since I have added any words to this here Blog (which has moved from it’s dark corner of Google’s Blogger to this here dark corner of this sparkly new website), and although that’s primarily the reason behind breaking a several year blogging fast, I also wanted to take this opportunity to share things that are in the works as of late:

- while I could list a series of drawings or sculptures that I’ve been working on, it’s better to leave those to come into focus within the the bigger news of the YouTube Channel that I’m in the middle of creating.

….some of the new equipment and set-up

….some of the new equipment and set-up

To be fair, the YouTube Channel is actually already created….it’s the content that I have been working on adding. The past few months has seen myself collecting various piece of needed equipment, teaching myself film and audio editing as well as filming different projects and test scenes.
My plans for the videos themselves are mostly to share artwork, art construction and processes, but will also include a variety of non-sequitur tangents as most of my online presence does.
Now that the website is live, I’m hoping to have YouTube content to share relatively shortly….but if I have learned anything, it’s that my plans for “soon” should at least be doubled if not just taken out back and shot, buried in a shallow grave and forgotten…..I’m hoping for just doubled.

Coming back to the new website, I’m still in the process of creating a store that will reside within it, seeing as right now (and for a long while now), items that I have available are strewn throughout the web in various e-commerce iterations.

zygoat will become the face of my store…

zygoat will become the face of my store…

I’m working on having a more coherent store (containing original artwork and prints as well as other products such as apparel, mugs, stickers and voodoo spells) under one roof.

There is also a Patreon page as well as a Kickstarter in the works….but there’ll be more on both of those in the near future (or at least ‘double’ that near future).

In completely unrelated news, there seems to be absolutely no hip hop songs about cabbage.

…’s good to be back!

-sFisher williams