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L is for Lycanthrope

“L is for Lycanthrope” – 3.5x5 inch - ink on paper …the twelfth week of Alphabeasts.
● It has been asked more than a few times after each of these weekly posts, whether or not I plan to publish these drawings in book form after they are all completed. In all honesty, the prospect of doing so at first seemed a bit inappropriate, seeing as the whole idea of the project was not my own. But the more I do these, and the more thought I give in to the whole idea, the more the idea of collecting them into book form seems to make sense.
So, the short answer is “Yes”. Yes, I will be collecting these drawings into their own volume – titles something other than Alphabeasts, of course.
I’ll be working on layout ideas over the next coming weeks, with more info to follow.
By the way – Happy New Year  to all of you!! I hope that this year finds you all well and happy!