The Math is Dressed in Vinyl…

It’s been several days since my last update about the Crumbly drawings that are being listed, so there have been many added:

CN_051          CN_052

CN_053          CN_054

CN_055          CN_056

CN_057          CN_058

CN_059          CN_060

CN_061          CN_062

CN_063          CN_064

CN_065          CN_066

CN_067          CN_068

CN_069          CN_070

CN_071          CN_072

CN_073          CN_074


This brings the total to 75 drawings now posted of the 115. Only a few more weeks to go….and then I can rest…..or not:


I’m currently choosing a few of these Crumbly characters to sculpt for limited edition either vinyl or resin figures. This will be an entirely new area for me, one I know very little about, so I’m sorta feeling my way as I go.
The idea is to start out with five of my favorite characters from this entire series. If I’m able to accomplish making them into finished figures, then I might continue with a second series, but that will be down the road a ways if at all.
The first thing to do is to pick five and start sculpting…in which I’m open for suggestions.