A Mostly Crumbly Month…


It has been a more than a long time coming, my making good on the threats to put these drawings up for sale that is…but I not only wanted the BOOK to have its time, but I wanted to present these drawing in the right way.

As many of you might already know, this entire series was done using ballpoint pen on notepad paper…not your most commonly used fine art materials, and for that reason, not the most archival.
So, the first step in preparing these images was to give each and every one of them (including the ones that I later decided not to add to the “sell” list) two coats from an Archiving Spray, which, for anyone else who has done this knows, is a horrible horrible process! But, I now know that my lungs will long outlast me!

The rest of the process (for those interested and have not already been distracted away by something shiny on the Internet) can be witnessed in a previous post on this here blog-type-thing.

So, starting tomorrow evening, I’ll be putting these little parts of myself on my Etsy Store in the amounts of five per day, for the next twenty three days (he says in basic maths).

Being the reclusive artists that I am, with a little following (have I mentioned that I love you folks?), I’m not sure how these will be received, or if they’ll be noticed hardly at all…so I’m asking in my nicest online voice for help in spreading the word by posting links to those you’d think would be interested, reposting this blog entry (and the daily ones to follow), and shouting from street corners at random passerbys.

But now, I’m going to relax after weeks of work with several glasses of wine….Cheers!