For Lack of a Better Title…

….or, “After the Long Absence from Blogging”.

I know what you’re saying to yourself right now, “No one has ever smuggled and entire pumpkin through a customs checkpoint, up their ass!”…and while that might be true, it has no bearing over what I’m updating this little blog with….so stop day-dreaming and pay attention!
A while back I had threatened that after the Crumbly Nevertheless Book – “My Legs Are Useless” was finished and in the world (for better or worse), that I would make the actual drawings themselves available. The one thing in my favor at this point is that I never said exactly when, just after.

For those of you preparing to argue semantics complete with lit torches and raised pitchforks, as well as those of you still trying to shove that pumpkin in your bottom, the reason for this post is to let you know that I intend to finally make good on my past threat.

As most of you might already know, at least those of you who had followed the Crumbly Nevertheless blog and/or purchased the book of the collection, the drawings themselves were all done in ballpoint pen on 3x5 inch unlined notebook pad paper…not really the best format to be sold to collectors. So I have spent the majority of this week making the collection both more presentable as well as more archival.

Before anything else, all of the drawings were sprayed with an archiving spray…unfortunately, this was done in my studio. Let me take this opportunity to just inform you all NEVER to do this. While all the drawings are now ph neutral and will survive longer without fading or yellowing, my brain is not! I do believe that my brain HAS in fact both faded and yellowed slightly in the past week….plus, the night after the drawings were sprayed, I dreamt that rabbits wearing top hats were yelling at me for my lack of string possession….but I digress.

From then, it has been a multi step process of bringing the drawings to a presentable and salable state. First, all of the drawings were mounted onto cotton rag paper rendered down to 4.5 x 6.6 inches and embossed to closely frame the drawing.



These mounted drawing would eventually be attached to 8x10 black matts, so I decided to make vintage styled photo corners.corners

Which brings us to the drawings as they are while I write this. That is, all of the drawings (a total of 116 out of the whole collection) have been mounted and “cornered”, and all of the matt board has been cut down to 8x10. That leaves me with adhering the corner with the drawings to the boards; labels to be made and attached to the matching image; finally, all then to be bagged in protective sleeves to be made available for human consumption.stack 
I am still undecided as to the best way to make these drawings available. I am at this time leaning mostly towards posting a few at a time on my sadly neglected Etsy Store, but still considering other options.
Considering the amount of work on these that I’ve been able to accomplish over the past week, I’m anticipating having these completed sometime this week, and hopefully photographed and available by the weekend.


Next Up: Completing the print collections of the "Removing the Head to Steal all of It’s Miracles” drawing series.headless_prints