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Taking a year longer than I had anticipated, not only am I happy to say that this book is finally available, I’m downright relieved! This assembles the entire collection of crumbly nevertheless drawings done over a few year period.

Several people have expressed interest in acquiring a signed copy of the book upon it’s release. I have seriously considered the best way to have this happen, and unfortunately, an actual signed copy just isn’t feasible. The books themselves do not come through me, but straight from where they are printed. In order to get a signed copy, the book would have to be sent to myself first, taking twice as long for you to get your copy, and costing twice as much in shipping, yada yada yada.
So, the best solution that I could come up with is this:
I have a number of printed title pages from the book. If you are interested in a signed copy, send me a copy of your receipt (it doesn’t contain any financial info, just proof of sale and a shipping address) and I’ll send to you a personally signed title page with an original sketch or drawing or doodle.

title_pageIf you are still interested in an official signed copy, message me and I’m sure we can work something out.

Thanks to everyone for the support on this project and the patience to see it come to light. I hope that the book is enjoyed as much as I enjoyed drawing everything within it!

What started out as doodles, for artist and writer S. Fisher Williams, evolved into a few years worth of drawings exploring techniques of an unconventional drawing tool for fine art, the ballpoint pen; as well as an exploration into an imaginary world of dark humor, the tragically cute an untold fables.