Planting a Garden of Fridays…

So here’s the thick of it": Twitter can suck my balls! (how’s THAT for an opening line Mr. Zubrick, my 7th grade Social Studies teacher?)twitterBird Actually, no. I didn’t mean that…as I have become somewhat addicted to Twitter lately, and have to admit that it shoulders a bit of the blame for my absence from this blog (not to mention actual human contact and conversation).
If blogging were a drug, then Twitter would be the equivalent of a one-hitter, or a speed bump; just enough rounds of quick fixes that can keep one sustained and believing that they are acting perfectly normal in public, when in reality they are arguing about toast-crumb rights with an abandoned soiled shirt on a park bench….and I suppose that would make this very blog the equivalent of nodding off in a back alley with twelve needles in your arm while a family of rats wait patiently in the shadows for the sun to finish setting so they can eat your face and feet off, and then you soil yourself….but I’m kind of getting away from the point.

The reason that I brought up Twitter at all was so that I could explain where the idea for the subject of this post came from. One of the trends that I have found myself getting caught up in on Twitter is what’s called Follow Friday, or simply tagged #FF, and it’s a easy enough idea, basically that of suggesting to others who to follow.
I have discovered some cool artists and illustrators, writers and thinkers and a few trouble makers through this process.

In my attempts to return to the world of blog writing, I thought it a good idea to try to emulate the Follow Friday posts here. So, that’s exactly what I’m attempting to start with this post, and will continue to do so on a relatively loose weekly basis. I will try to bring at least one person or website or what have you every week with a short explanation of “why” or at least a description.
To start the whole process off, this week I introduce you to two other blogs I find myself always looking forward to reading new posts from…


Maintained by Dana (no last name given) who describes herself as an arts, culture, literature, technology, science and media geek. SheWalksSoftly has been a go-to blog for me for a few years now. We seem to share the same tastes in a great many things, and she seems to discover them online before I do…so, for that reason, I tend to discover them through her and her blog…..and for that, I am grateful.

Simply put: Billy Donald is both my friend and my arch nemesis, and I have designs to destroy him, I cannot mention him or his blog here without first stating that all important fact. That being said, Billy has amassed quite a following since starting (restarting, again & again) his blog, and with very good reason; His blog is hilarious and very well written! I liken Billy to social critics such as George Carlin for this reason: underneath the humor is a foundation of high intelligence that is so subtle it could often go unnoticed, but without it the argument would collapse….if that makes any sense. In any case, I still plan to destroy him.


To both I offer the newly created and soon to be highly sought after Zombiespoon Manifesto “Head on a Stick Award!” to take or leave as they see fit…but at least to know that it was offered. (blog awards are such silly things you’d think I’d have created one long ago)ZS_Head-on-a-Stick