A Case for End Credit Theme Songs…

Now, I want you all to bear in mind that as I write these words, my stomach is trying to kill me. I’m not saying that my stomach is a little upset and is sitting in defiance with it’s arms crossed at the bottom of my torso, no…I’m saying that at some point it acquired a gun and a saber and a pirate’s voice and we are in the process of dueling until one or both of us are mortally wounded, and then the end credits start rolling to a crap song written by the director’s nephew.
This really has nothing to do with the original intent of this post, it’s just that I sometimes have trouble thinking of intros along side the fact that I’ve always felt my readers lack a basic exposure to Pirate Stomach Battle Films necessary to fully enjoy the intro I just wrote……why are you looking at me like that?

In any case, going back to the original intent of this update, which was to give you all a quick update on some goings on, the first being the state of my website. Some of you might have already seen, the website is currently in a sort of limbo state.

The reason for this is because I have switched between web hosts (which some of you know can take a little bit of time for the name servers to propagate and files to then be moved); But I’ve also decided that the site needs a complete overhauling. So, I hope to acquaint you all soon with a new updated version that is a bit more streamlined and makes a bit more sense.

And just a quick mention of a few things I ‘ve already told you, but you might have forgotten when faced with the horror that is Pirate Stomach Battle Films:

● My CafePress Store has been made a “pro account”, meaning that there will be more things offered on a regular basis…

● There have been more prints added to my ImageKind Store, and again, more to come, hopefully on a regular basis as well…

● “Ϣ” is a really cool looking character that I wish I had more of a reason to use…

…..and lastly, I have officially killed off the Crumbly Nevertheless Blog, doing so for a few reasons: First, there hasn’t been any reason for me to keep up with new updates seeing as I ended the drawing series over a year ago; Second, the impending FINAL version of the Crumbly Nevertheless Book is at press, and while I’m cover6aware I’ve threatened this before and might be jinxing the whole project by even merely mentioning it here while I await the proof copy that is to be mailed to me, I’m still finding myself optimistic enough to announce that it WILL be soon available (god willing) and better represents the series than the blog.

Plus, I didn’t completely kill off the blog without leaving a trace. All of the posts were incorporated into this here blog, before the final blow was dealt and the shallow grave was filled.

Of course, there will be more on the book as soon as the proof copy arrives and (again, god willing) is approved.

Am I forgetting any updates that you should know? Probably. But if so, I blame the blood loss as a result of the Pirate Stomach Battle from earlier. Seems I’m losing the fight. It also seems that I sometimes have problems with conclusions to these posts……and then the End Credits roll.