Plug Head’s Irrational Fear of Drains…

Well, I’ve finally made good on my word to post more prints….who would’ve thought I’d actually complete something that I’ve mentioned that I would (more on that statement in a future post).

The prints in question are of the ten drawings from the Burial Rites Series:






A little bit about the series for those interested: the drawings were all done with ink on book pages, the book being a copy of Burial Services by J.B. BernardinBUSE_0_150 that I found months ago. I then colored them carefully (carefully due to my being almost completely colorblind, for those of you who didn’t know) with colored pencil and Inktense pencils. The staining of the pages was done digitally, from scans of coffee stained watercolor paper (I tested actually staining the book pages themselves with really poor results unfortunately).

The drawings themselves are very loosely based on the pages they were created on, which might be obvious on some but completely arbitrary on others.

In any case, this was one of those projects that I found completely enjoyable, most likely because there was no goal attached to it in the beginning, just the act of drawing for the sake of it.
These ten are not the end of the series. I am still enjoying defacing this book with my imagination. I won’t promise that there will be additional print series based off of these, but we’ll see how people respond to these.