Not for Lack of Trying…

…or, a Call for Help.

Recently I came across the images that are posted here and my head was flooded with ghosts of familiarity.

This image was used for the 1984 film "Death Warmed Up"

I KNOW that I have seen much more of this artist's work before, most likely on other posters, horror book covers and magazines, but for the life of me I cannot remember where nor can I find out who the artist is.

I'm not sure where this image was used before

Reverse image searching pulls up very little info, and there is no mention of artwork or their artist in the IMD for 'Death Warmed Up'. So I come asking all of you, my fellow artists and horror fan friends, if ANYONE has any clue as to the artist behind these images....or possibly other images by the same artist that could help in the that I can lay this search to rest before it becomes an obsession and I find myself wearing soiled bathrobes and having tea-parties with boiled egg friends....

Thank You!