Things Held Together with Butters and Spite...

or The Year of the Head on a Plate…

Gravestone-croppedIn all the time that I have been doing this here blog-type thing, (yes, look everyone, he’s mentioning his own blog yet again) the most frequent question I get asked is where the titles of these posts come from, and I will take this return to blogging after a semi-long absence to further ignore that question and post about something else entirely….namely, the Death of Crumbly Nevertheless (finally).

A few of you might, at this point, be asking “What is Crumbly Nevertheless?”, and I will tell these same few to go and sit in the corner while wearing these bags filled with pissed-off ants over their heads…..the rest of us will continue on from here without them. But if I was to answer that question, it would go something like this:

Crumbly Nevertheless (blog) started as an excuse to justify my doing the little strange things that keep me happy. It was another small online corner of the world for me to post everything from the sketches I was doing at my day job in secret from the boss-type peoples, to making a potato zombie army and photographing scenes of the potato zombie outbreak (yes, I have done this, I just haven’t shared any images for fear of very uncomfortable jackets and padded cells smelling of piss), etc.

And like most of the things that I start to do on any sort of regular basis, Crumbly Nevertheless started to take it’s own shape and direction, gaining it’s own voice, look and style….becoming primarily about the 3”x5” drawings done entirely in ballpoint pen.


(this is where we get to the Death of Crumbly Nevertheless that I have been mentioning the past few posts) When I started doing these drawings over two years ago, I had no direction or time-frame in mind…like I said, it was just another thing I did that kept me happy. For all I knew, I could have done these drawings indefinitely, until the day I am committed or murdered by a Canadian Dakota Fanning Fan Club fanatic…and don’t get me wrong, I WILL still be drawing these little guys until that time, they just will no longer have their own dedicated showing space.

coverI think Crumbly hit it’s peak at the Seven Days of Dr. Seuss, or possibly with the beginning of the layout of the Crumbly Nevertheless book. Whatever the case, for me Crumbly has basically run it’s course as it’s own entity, and it’s time I took it for that long walk into the woods with my shotgun….and then make Crumbly Nevertheless soup out of it’s remains, which I imagine to be fairly oily and tasting of dead skunk ass.
On second thought, maybe I’ll just stop updating the Crumbly Nevertheless Blog and let it starve…..who knows? Maybe it can survive on it’s own by attacking and sucking the life from neighboring blogs, leaving them dried husks of shriveled family photos and YouTube ICP videos about rainbows being all magical?

But, like I said, this is not completely the end of these little drawings….I do have plans in the works for them.
First, the book is nearing the end of it’s third (and hopefully last) revision. It will contain every published Crumbly Drawing so far, as well as a few dozen that have never been shown. The drawings themselves will become available for people to buy as soon as the book becomes published (either in an online gallery, or on Etsy…I haven’t decided the best avenue just yet), as will prints of many of them.

And what of the Crumbly Nevertheless Blog? Well, all of the posts that exist there currently will be blended into this blog in the coming days, and it will be left in the dark, eventually having no visitors due to the lack of updates. I imagine that it will become transparent and blind, relying on echo location to find whatever prey accidentally stumbles it’s way……or maybe I’ll eventually delete it.