Looking for Reflections in a Burlap Sack...

This little blog has been going now, in one form or another, for about half a decade; ever since my first random posting on MySpace back in July of 2005. For those who are still with me, and by that I mean those few who have followed this blog for enough length of time that you are in for the long haul and want to see how it ends, I salute you. You have stayed with me through my rambling lists, disjointed observations and what some have called “a raping of the facts”…(ok, only one person has actually said that in an angry email to me, an email I like to pretend they were spitting mad while writing, but I like the phrase enough to use it here).

And those same few of you by now might have noticed the pattern to my posting methods, involving both, the cycles of frenzied, almost religious updating followed by long periods of silence and virtual tumbleweeds getting snagged on the barbed wire fences lining the long, dust-filled roads the lone hitch hiker has traveled without seeing an automobile in god knows how long…..and he’s running out of Skittles.

But there’s a little more to the pattern if one were to look a bit closer, even if one didn’t want to look closer, because I’m going to point it out anyway. The postings and absences coincide and can be mapped with whatever is going on in my little world. For example: take a look back at the periods when I was posting almost everyday if not more than once a day. You’ll notice that these are during some sort of transition in my life….as in struggling in New York, or staying in Pennsylvania looking for work and a new state to move to.
Now look to the voids….these usually coincide with periods of stability and production, usually drawings.

It’s a shame really…although this little soapbox was originally started as a way to poke fun at my friend Clint and just to record random stupid thoughts, I have tried to evolve it into also a venue to keep people informed on the progress of my professional targets, those being art and writing. If stepping back and looking at this blog as a whole shows anything, it is that I tend to write the most when I have nothing to say. This probably says a lot about me that I will continue to ignore….like this wound that is spreading and smells like cheese….or the shark in my bed wearing the clown hat. Some things are better left alone…..do you smell something burning?

So, if the lack of posts over the course of the past year is any indication, I have been keeping extremely busy drawing and writing and what not. The image above is a hint to one of the cooler things I’ve done during this time….click on the image to see where it leads….I’ll write more about that experience in an upcoming post. But for now, take this as my promise to attempt to bring this journal back up to speed, and maybe even try to stay on top of it…….Ooooooooooo look!! Something shiny!!

Coming Next Post: the Death of Crumbly Nevertheless