Failure of the Chum-Burger Market…

Let me just start by expressing how much I love it when people survive a serious accident that would kill most others, and then emerge finding and thanking God. I mean, seriously….screw the doctors that worked tirelessly to save the person, let’s thank God for waving his magic wand and saving the life. Never mind the fact that this same God who has the power over life and death could have just as easily intervened and spared the victim the terrible suffering when the person was originally run over by a semi and then chewed on for hours by electric land sharks, only to be left in the ditch for a few weeks by the passing tornado that picked them up…I’ll stop….you get the point.
First, I get it. It’s a hard thing to process when coming face to face with one’s mortality, and while for some it brings with it a renewed appreciation for the life that they have, others seem to be forced to understand it by suddenly believing in Dungeons and Dragons in which a God has just rolled them a saving throw with his twelve sided dice.

I suppose I would be able to swallow it better if the victims (or survivors) (or critical thinking impaired) were to apply this to other aspects of their lives. I long to hear a variety in the stories that God has gotten involved in.
“I thank God for curing me of my twenty year bed-wetting condition!” or “I knew God was right there with me, helping me take that left turn with one hand while I used the other to stuff my slack-jawed pie hole with the convenient-store bought microwave burrito.”
Or how about “I would like to thank God for the minimal possible punishment I am receiving after beating my wife in public in Vail, Colorado!”

….and with THAT out of my caffeine fueled system, I will admit here that I am again aware that this is not the update that I’ve promised twice now. But I will not leave you this time without a little piece of my artistic doings behind these pages…..does that make any sense or am I waxing poetic a little too much?

One of the many side projects that I have been doing and returning to for these many years is my collection of zombiespoons. For those of you paying attention, you’ll be used to the fact that I’ll go through stages of producing many new ones, followed by long periods of nothing……much like this blog……and visits outside where people dwell…
In any case, I seem to be starting one of those production periods yet again (of both blogging and the creation of zombiespoons), and I share with you one that I honestly can’t believe I had never done in all this time….that is, just drawing him:

So yes, not only can you expect a barrage of random thoughts pouring from my brain (like the one above) into simple font form on this here computing machine, but now you can also look forward to the next chapter in zombiespoon personas….maybe even a Zombiespoon Book? You didn’t hear that from me……even though you did.