Begin the Begin…

I’m going to cheat here a little bit….first, by not posting about The Death of Crumbly Nevertheless like  I said I would in the last entry (I still will, just not right now)….and second, by re-posting a blog entry in it’s entirety from a few years ago.
Now, before you get the torches and pitchforks out, let me just say this: don’t you think you’re overreacting? Just a tad? I mean, seriously….who the fuck starts an angry murderous mob in this day an age? Especially over a mostly-overlooked blog? Shame on all of you!! Shaaaaaaammmmme!!


The reason being is this: earlier today I was talking to my friend Jason about blogging and about my blog in general. It brought to the surface further how my descent into online rambling madness began.
Like I stated in the previous post, I started this form of online public diary writing on myspace….the first post being about not being able to find my coffee cup. Why did I write about this? Because I was bored and the option of “blog” was there. This might have been the first an only time I wrote anything had it not been for the fact that my post really seemed to upset Glen Danzig (or, let’s be honest, whoever might have been behind the Glen Danzig myspace profile), and an online fight ensued.

This clinched it…if I could upset someone like Danzig with a post about a missing cup of coffee, well I had no other choice but to keep writing!
It started of slowly: posts about “guess what Clint is listening to?”, which were usually answered with “strangled cats humping to an Ethel Murmen musical”, or the like.
What changed everything is the post that is to follow, the re-post, that is.

The post is titled: “The jeans are fine, it all the Drinking and Whoring that's making you Fat...    ...or the Truth about Proverbs Revealed!” and is nothing more than a list of proverbs and my own little take on them. It was just another example of what I do to keep myself entertained, and the fact that I write the most when I have nothing to say. But this entry took off unlike I could have imagined.
Within a week after posting it I had acquired several dozen more subscribers. I was receiving emails from people asking if they could repost it, one from a college student wanting to use it in a paper…and another from a school teacher wanting to use it for her class.

This solidified my writing habits, for the most part, from there on out. That is, write a lot about nothing….which is something that I am constantly filled with….nothing…obviously, I’m trying to get back to that…..