Names From a Hat..or, the Conclusion…

Well, that was unexpected and unplanned for….getting the flu on the last days of the Seven that is. That’s not how I intended things to go, and again, I apologize to everyone for keeping you all waiting for the results. So let’s just get right to it then, shall we?
First, we’ll recap on the seven tributes:

catmarvinloraxyertlebraggartsbeetlehorton…and now for the revealing of the unnamed three:

mcphailclark(this one turned out to prove the most difficult for many of you)


So there they are. I have never really done a contest like this, so I was afraid of either making it to easy on everyone, and thereby no fun…or making it too difficult and thereby no fun. I think I might have got it right in the middle…at least I hope that I did. Many folks got some of these three right off the bat, while many took several guesses. But all in all there was a good turnout of tries and a good many correct answers….which brings us to our winners:

Thing One (Snorter McPhail) - Mary Margaret Trinkle

Thing Two (Clark) - Dawn Angell Williams

Thing Three (Slow Joe Crow) - Nicole Ludwig

…and the secret added contest lottery, a drawing from those that got all three correct:

Jonathan Hawpe

…who win get a copy of the Crumbly Nevertheless Book as soon as it’s printed.

Way to go folks! I will be contacting the winners shortly. Thanks to everyone that participated…I hope you all enjoyed this. Sorry to those who’s names did not get drawn, I still hope you enjoyed it. I would have liked to get a drawing to everyone, but I am poor. Alas.