A Distance between Squirrel Parts…


Sorry for the little hiatus since the Seven Days of Seuss. I had (and still have) every intention of getting right back to the normal Crumbly Drawing silliness afterwards, as well as finish the remaining layout for the book, but Circumstance (the bastard step-brother of Fate) seemed to have had other plans for me…namely, the Flu.
Almost as soon as the sickness started to let up, my faithful old “Worky” PC died on me, having most likely overheard me talk about getting a new system and thereby losing the will to let, apparently. I did buy a new system (which I’m in love with), and am nearly back up and running…but in setting it up I discovered that my scanner is just a bit too late of a model to have had drivers made for it to work on Windows 7. So, now I await my new scanner to arrive in the mail….hopefully tomorrow…so I can get back to scanning these little bastards for this blog as well as the book. Bah!

So here’s a little preview of things to come when that finally happens: