Apologies and Things that Rhyme with Apologies..

Dear readers,
I am really very sorry for the delay in the results of the Seuss Contest, plus I apologize for any misspellings that sneak past me as I write this..I am in bed using my phone to write this. Seems that I have caught a strain of the crud that I'll name Jeremy...or Rob...or Job! WhTever.

That was supposed to say "whatever"...see what I mean?

I DO have all of the results of the contest, I WILL pick the winners out of a hat (maybe even a gas mask, since they all look very Suessian to me)...just not just yet. I'm sorry, I really do feel like hell and I don't mean to keep everyone waiting...but please wait.

Thank you all for participating in this little project I made up, and thanks for being patient with me as I incubate the apparent next pandemic. Now, I request orange juice and clean clothes...