Oh the Thinks You Can Think…


March 2nd is the birthday of one of my favorite authors and biggest influences….can you guess who that might be? There is a hint hidden somewhere in this post.

Here's the deal: Starting on Feb. 23rd I will be posting a drawing every day honoring Mr. Geisel on my Crumbly Nevertheless blog (ok…..as well as on here), leading up to his birthday. Each drawing will be my take on one of his characters, with all due respects.
Here's the contest part: Also on the 23rd, I will post three additional drawings, these being of his more obscure characters. These three drawings can be won by those who can guess who they are and what books they are from. The details will be given when the drawings are posted.
So get your Seuss knowledge up to date, sign up to be notified as the contest starts and good luck!