Day Two of Seven


 Dr. Seuss Quotes of the Day” 

“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.”

Seuss Fact:
It’s has been suspected that “Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!” was written by Dr. Seuss specifically about Richard Nixon, although he never admitted to that claim. The book came out only two months after the whole Watergate scandal, making it unlikely that the book could have been conceived of, written, edited and mass produced in such a short time. In 1974, he sent a copy of Marvin K. Mooney to his friend Art Buchwald at the Washington Post. In it, he crossed out “Marvin K. Mooney” and replaced it with “Richard M. Nixon,” which Buchwald reprinted in its entirety.


                                            -Marvin K. Mooney
ballpoint pen on paper

Good morning folks! Welcome to this, the second day of seven for Dr. Seuss! Today I share with you my drawing of Mr. Marvin K. Mooney, another one of my favorites…and since I gave the explanation in yesterday’s post about how this week was going to pan out let’s get right to the second drawing for you folks to guess. First, congrats to many of you who have already guessed yesterday’s character, you all make me proud! For those of you who haven’t guessed it yet, don’t worry…you still have 6 days to figure it out. Now, the last two are going to get considerably more difficult, so Good Luck!


HERE’S THE RULES: The contest ends on March 2nd, so you have until then to guess the above character. You can guess as many times as you need…that is, if you realize that your first guess was wrong, you are allowed to guess again to make up for it, and so on. You can give your guesses to me either by commenting on this post (the comments have to be approved by myself, so they won’t be seen by anyone else) or by messaging me from my Facebook profile. DO NOT post it on my profile’s wall for everyone to see! Doing so will disqualify you from the contest…for real and stuffs.
Please include your email with your guesses so that I can contact you in the event of your winning one of the three drawings.

…Good Luck!!