Day One of Seven…


Dr. Seuss Quotes of the Day
Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Seuss Fact:
The Cat in the Hat was created when Williams Spaulding (publisher) commissioned Dr. Seuss to write a children’s book that was along the lines of the popular “Dick and Jane” books, encouraging children to read. The catch was that he was only allowed to use 225 words from a list of 400. He decided that if he could find two words from the list that rhymed, they would become the book’s title and subject. Thus, The Cat in the Hat was born, but still took over nine months to complete.


-the Cat in the Hat
ballpoint pen on paper

Good morning folks! Today is the first day of the Seven as I have promised, and what better character to start it off with than The Cat in the Hat? As you can now see, this is what I had in mind as my tribute to one of my favorite authors. I have done a different one for every day of this week.
Now, the above is obviously not part of the contest that I mentioned before…if for no better reason than I have already given you the answer to who this drawing is supposed to be….and having been given the answer, if you found yourself still having difficulties placing the Cat, well then, you probably will not fair all that well in the contest and the rest of us will be forced to laugh at you.

But that’s just it…not the “laughing at you” part, the “guessing the Seuss Character” part. I have done three additional drawings for this week, all of which are what I consider to be more obscure characters from the pages of his books. I will post them here, one today, one tomorrow and the final one the day after that. Your job is to figure out who they are. That’s all there is to it. All correct answers will be used in a drawing of one who will win the drawing in question….so let’s get on to the first of the three:


HERE’S THE RULES: The contest ends on March 2nd, so you have until then to guess the above character. You can guess as many times as you need…that is, if you realize that your first guess was wrong, you are allowed to guess again to make up for it, and so on. You can give your guesses to me either by commenting on this post (the comments have to be approved by myself, so they won’t be seen by anyone else) or by messaging me from my Facebook profile. DO NOT post it on my profile’s wall for everyone to see! Doing so will disqualify you from the contest…for real and stuffs.
Please include your email with your guesses so that I can contact you in the event of your winning one of the three drawings.

….and that’s how it’ll be. Good Luck!!