Day Four of Seven…


 Dr. Seuss Quotes of the Day” 

“You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room.”

I use the above quote to justify being a hermit….don’t you judge me!

Seuss Fact:
Ted Seuss Geisel was no stranger to political commentary, before and during his children’s book career, and actually said Yertle the Turtle was a representation of Hitler. Despite the political nature of the book, none of that was disputed at Random House — what was disputed was Mack’s, the turtle at the bottom of the stack) burp. No one had ever let a burp loose in a children’s book before, so it was a little dicey. In the end, obviously, Mack burped, and Yertle/Hitler’s reign was over.


                                            -Yertle the Turtle
ballpoint pen on paper

HAPPY HUMP DAY!! Well, at least hump day concerning these the Seven Days of Seuss. We have hit the midway point, and all three of the winnable (is that even a word?) drawings have already been posted. I will post all three together again this evening with the instructions. Many of you have guessed the drawings from Day 1 and Day 3, but Day 2 seems to have the most folks stumped. For those of you who have incorrect guesses (and yes, if you send me your guess, I WILL write back telling you whether it’s correct or not) or have yet to guess at all…there is still time left. I will accept any entries up to noon on Tuesday the 2nd of March….that’s Mountain Time….carry the one and multiply by the remainder….hold the onions…..something something……and scene!