Day Five of Seven…


 Dr. Seuss Quotes of the Day” 
“It's a troublesome world. All the people who're in it 
are troubled with troubles almost every minute.
You ought to be thankful, a whole heaping lot,
for the places and people you're lucky you're not.”

Seuss Fact:
“If I Ran the Zoo,” published in 1950, is the first recorded instance of the word “nerd.”


ballpoint pen on paper

More than halfway there folks! There are still a few days left for those of you who have made some wrong guesses or who haven’t guessed at all…like I said, I will accept answers all the way up to noon on the 2nd of March, this coming Tuesday, so keep at it! I will be posting the three drawings together in a single post later in the day (I know, I know…I said I’d do this yesterday but I got sidetracked with an overly long power-nap, sorry) to make it easier for everyone to reference them and make their guesses.
Congrats to all of you with correct guesses so far! Your names have all been added into the lottery for the drawings in question.

In related news, the film 2012 will have it’s dvd released on the 2nd of March, Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Coincidence? Yeah, I hope so…