a Belief in Turnips disguised as Pickles…

Yes, I am fully aware that it has been a exorbitant amount of time since last I wrote…but if you have been following my scribblings for any length of time you’ll be aware that I’m prone to disappear off the face of the planet from time to time. You’ll also most likely know that I dislike apologizing for and/or explaining the absence…and that it is very possible that I actually tried to hold my breath within an enclosed casket filled with pudding, and died. The last didn’t happen of course…but I did learn that I can breath pudding, which is a completely useless super power if you ask me. I mean, what possible scenarios could there be to warrant a person having said powers? “Help!! My boy fell into his bowl of pu…” See? No! That doesn’t work at all!!

I’m getting off topic…wait. Did I have a topic? Ah, yes. Pudding death absence scenario excuse.

Let’s just say that I left this blog standing within it’s own puddle of negativity…at least, that’s how I saw it. Writing about Eric Trimble took a lot out of me, and despite what some of you may believe, I did not enjoy doing it.
Since then, Mr. Trimble wrote me a short letter of apology while still denying any intention of artistic plagiarism, and promised that it would not happen again. Many of the cited images were immediately removed from his website as was the lifted bio excerpt. Finally, some time between then and now, Eric’s website disappeared altogether.
While this outcome wasn’t my intention either, I’d rather just forget about it and close the book. Hopefully there won’t be a sequel.

So, has a lot happened during this long absence from my virtual soap box in the digital world? Quite a lot actually! Am I going to share with you those happenings here? Absolutely not. Will I eventually catch you up by posting the events in other entries in the coming days, weeks, months etc? Most likely….but you do realize that you’re asking a lot of me right now, considering the ordeal I’ve been through and seeing as I’m still covered in pudding?


So, until next we meet….here’s a pic of Milque Toast at Bryant’s Bar-B-Que in Kansas City.