The Abyss is full of Papers…


…or, The Webbing Between the Posts.

This little guy symbolizes the passage of time between posts. Yes, it has been a long, long time since I updated this little blog of drawings…and while I might not have posted this whole time, I have still been drawing these little guys almost daily.

I had considered doing a mass posting of everything and backdating them all in order to trick you into thinking that you just haven’t been paying attention, and thereby feeling a need to send me puddings in apology, but then I thought that that would be both deceptive….and just way more work than I feel up to at the moment. Plus, I honestly don’t trust mail puddings.

So here we are. I will go back to posting a drawing or something daily, in hopes that I can eventually catch up to myself…and then punch myself when I’m not looking for making me get so far behind.

There are other Crumbly things in the works….but I’ll save that for another time.