Here Comes the Change…..


You had to know that this was inevitable.

I would say that you had to know that I would return to the realm of blogging as well, but then I’ve never quite taken this long of a break from it, not counting when I lived briefly in New York and was forced to pay in blood for mere minutes of internet connectivity.

In any case, and for lack of any good reasons, I am back….and BOY do I have stories to tell! Stories involving dwarves that collect thumbs, a square dancing ghost in army fatigues, cheeses the like of which you all have NEVER seen, and a vegetarian ant eater that starved to death in my bathroom.

But right now I have to leave you in order to continue my arguments with my web-host who, as it turns out, limits the amount of file transfers per day….which, to me, seems to defeat the purpose of my paying them so much god-damned money!

And by the way, Happy New Year to all of you!