It's the Little Things the Ballpoint Screams...

For the longest time I have had a hatred of ballpoint pens. Not a seething hatred, mind's not like I wanted to impose my will upon the ballpoint enthusiasts as if I was Tipper Gore the first time she heard the word "Fuck" come out of a set of speakers somewhere. It's been more like a general disdain for the instrument and what I saw as it's inferior functionality. I've always favored pens of the felt-tip persuasion mainly due to the fact that I tend to write really really small, almost to the point of being illegible, which I had a woman at a bookstore take it upon herself to inform me that was a sign of very low self which I responded by crying while curled in a ball.
So it has gone for many years that ballpoints and myself have kept our distances, with the occasional intruder being discovered and promptly being escorted back to the border, given a sandwich and a bus ticket and sent on its way. I never understood the ballpoints that found their way into my possession, because honestly, there were no job opportunities here. At least in their world there was
the promise of a full future signing checks, filling out tickets and/or guarding the bottoms of desk drawers. Within my boundaries they would only find their own slow death as their insides hardened through lack of use.

All of this was true until recently. I have to admit to finding a whole new love for ballpoints due to the down times at work, which I use to sketch most of the drawings I post to Crumbly Nevertheless
. It's even gone so far that I have found myself acquiring a small collection of variable ballpoints from different companies to compare their differences with one another. So far the winner is PaperMate, as if you care.

This brings me to what I actually intended to post about, that being the fact that I have posted a whole new batch of these little drawings to the Crumbly
site, with many waiting still to be scanned and then posted.

I'm still debating on what to do with these drawings. I have been asked a couple times now if I plan to sell any of these, so I have been experimenting with print options, but they would have to be very very limited runs.....because let's be honest, I'd be lucky to sell one or two of these folks here and there, so doing giclee' prints would put me in the red and force me back into a life of prostitution.....let's just pretend I didn't admit to that.
I've also been rescanning these at high resolutions with the thought that it would be fun to publish a book of them in the a little coffee table book to make your visitors question their friendship with you. I don't know, just a thought.

Other than that little rant, I am looking forward to my given day off this Friday for a few reasons: First, I never have Friday off and am curious as to what Fridays are like; Second, I enjoy going to the Sputnik mid-day on a weekday because it's far less crowded and I get my grilled cheese quicker, which makes me happy; and Third, that night is the opening of a show of work for a local artist here, Andrew Warner, who, from what little I've had the chance to see, is a bad-ass painter and I can't wait to see a full body of work.

So, for those readers who are in the area, come on out to support this beard sportin' gentleman, and (as he puts it) bring your rich art-loving relatives.