Who Runs Bounty Town?

I've probably mentioned this before, but it's a rarity that I am actually lucky enough to remember my dreams...most likely due to the fact that I spend enough energy daydreaming that my mind thinks to itself, "why bother?". But every now and again a vivid enough dream breaks through to the memory of my waking life, as the one from last night did.

In short, I dreamt that I was in a post-apocalyptic future, dressed to the nines in the latest of canvas, leather and rubber found objects. Everything had been destroyed and then haphazardly attempted to have been reassembled with duct tape. The landscape looked like a Cormac McCarthy story setting. You get the picture, I hope.
I was with a group of similar vagabonds, traveling from destroyed area to destroyed area in search of what was now the most valuable objects in this new world. Could it be gasoline? Maybe uncontaminated water? Any sort of hope or reminder of a better world before? Actually, it was large caches of gleaming white rolls of Paper Towels. It turns out that when the entire infrastructure of the world crumbles to dust, normal everyday accidental spills are the battles that are still worth fighting.
The dream ended during a fight with another nomadic tribe of clumsy drinkers fighting us for a found pile of white cottony gold. I didn't get the satisfaction of knowing wether we were victorious and therefore free from a future of small puddles for a short time....but the dream made enough of an impression on myself that not only did I wake and immediately check my kitchen for paper towels (of which there are still several rolls...take that you Cruel Hand of Fate!!), but I was inspired to do a little inspired sketch at work for Crumbly Nevertheless

At this point I have a few hundred of these little drawings floating around my drawing table here....many of which I have already posted to the Crumbly Nevertheless Blog
.....many more I need to do so with this weekend.
What started as a way to pass some down time at work with a ballpoint pen and some paper has become a little obsession for me....and as the reader count of that little corner of the web grows, I have entertained thoughts of how fun it would be just to have a showing of these little guys, even in this time of fear of all that is NOT archival in the art world. Still, it's a cute thought.....who knows?