Religious Icons in the Toast...

Yep, here I be again with the excuses and apologies for the long distance between updates....a distance filled with visits from family and friends, a now TWICE broken foot (for me am stupid it seems), a near broken drawing hand (the dumbassness knows no bounds), gallons of coffee and nearly the same amount in pen ink on paper. To sum it all up: Hello! How are you doing?

I have no intention of catching you all up on the past several weeks right here in one blog. Instead, why not I break it up into parts like I usually so like to do? This little tid bit could be considered the "Intro", where I attempt to capture your attention with vague mentioning of things happened and broken....followed by entries of the events in greater details with the normal embellishments that usually lead to the emails that I receive from readers wanting to know if I REALLY wrestled a Polar Bear over a Kit Kat Bar or the likes. The answer is was a very hairy homeless guy over a cigarette.

Just you wait for the climatic last entry which will contain a twist that would make M. Knight Shamalamamlamasomething give up writing and directing altogether....we could only hope!