Copymarks and Water-rights....

There is both a great advantage as well as an equal disadvantage to being an artist of any sort in this day and age. The advantage is that with the unequaled ease of communication (internet) the artist, writer, musician, mime, etc., can reach a far wider audience than ever before. The disadvantage is that the artist, writer, musician, mime, etc., can reach a far wider audience than ever before.

Those of you who might have noticed, I have recently been in the process of uploading new pictures and drawings in the galleries on my MySpace profile, as well as re-uploading those that were already there....all now containing watermarks, which I have to admit to hating, but it has become necessary. I have also had a legal copyright disclaimer drafted that I've been instructed to post in every gallery as well as with all my online profiles contained elsewhere.

The reason for these changes is due to two newly discovered facts I have made about myself. The first is that I apparently have a twin that shares the same name, the same online persona, and not only the same drawing style...but many of the exact same drawings that I have made, that my twin was selling as prints on his (or their) own online storefront. I was about to buy some of these prints to help support my long lost apparently fell from the wagon train as an infant brother until, that is, I made the second discovery.....that I have no fucking twin brother!!
For those of you who might in the future find yourselves having a twin that you don't have, let me take this opportunity to extend my sympathies. Not only for the hardships you'll face of losing a non-loved one, but also for the difficulty you'll face of proving not only that you have no such twin, but that you yourself are not your own twin!

All silliness aside, this entire situation has left me feeling ill. I have never thought that I had reached a point doing my work that I might be endangered of having it stolen from me....I'm still in awe that it had. And I am fucking angry! I am angry for being ripped-off; I am angry for being forced to take the measures to detour being stolen from in the future; most of all, I am angry that I cannot help but feel that I am 'the asshole' for being forced to protect myself by taking action against a thief!

Rather than end this on a somber/non-silly note, I will share with you another fact that I have come across:

Things I Learned from The Lord of the Rings Movies, Lesson 47

Women are attracted to men with giant tomato-looking heads.