Two Things that should Never Touch the Ground...

Keeping with the penis theme of my last post, here's a cool little fact about Denver for you all:

As I do everyday, I checked today's weather online this morning to see what the day had in store. Why I do this? I have no idea, seeing as the meteorologists for Denver were obviously sent here after failing too many times in Louisville (and that's an impressive feat!), just habit I suppose. In any case, a roll of the dice in the weather-room apparently called for evening thunderstorms, and like any form of gambling, if you play enough you will eventually win one.....unless you are in Vegas. Below is a pic of the conditions right now for my little corner of the globe:

Yep. Not a raging Burma of a storm, but it's there. Do I hear thunder? Why yes I do. So, yeah....technically it's a 'thunderstorm'. Is the ground soaked with rain? Nope. Bone dry! This is the interesting Denver factoid that I was getting to, and it's called 'virga'. Virga is the weather anomaly that happens when the conditions are just right to cause the rain to evaporate before reaching the ground. And it happens here all the time! There was a good stretch of the summer last year that I saw it rolling in from the mountains on a daily basis. Long tentacles of rain stretching down from the clouds, only disappearing near the halfway mark....which, I suspect, is further fuel for my new fascination with the idea of Air Krakens....which I'll get into in another post.

How does this keep in theme with the penis talk from my last post? Well, a simple misspelling of the term, that is, using an 'e' in place of the 'i' in virga turns it into verga....which is a Mexican's cock. Clearly you can see the caution needed when broaching this subject in public....especially in Denver.
"Hey, did you see the great Virga today?" "Que?!"