Letters Trapped Under Glass

I really haven't been totally gone during this last communication hiatus, that is to say, I WAS working towards changing my blogging around a bit. I had been toying with the idea a long while of doing away with my MySpace Blog altogether and HOLY SHIT my neighbor is listening to a recording of dogs being tortured WAY TOO LOUD!!! I have to go knock on a door real quick, be right back.

(this space represents the time spent away from this here blog as well as time spent staring at the monitor in utter amazement of the interaction that just took place with noisy fuck-stick of a neighbor)

Ok, let's try that again.....I had been toying with the idea a long while of doing away with my MySpace Blog altogether and continuing on under one of the many blog sites, bla bla bla. So that's one of the things that I started working towards, having chosen Blogger to host them seeing as I already have a Google account and profile regardless of whether I wanted one or not because they are taking over the world and it's LAW!! And yes, I did say "host THEM", because having more than one changes the pronoun of "it" into the plural adjective.......Rachael. Oh, and because I decided to branch out and work on more than a single blog, seeing as I'm doing such a bang-up job keeping this one updated as-of-late. That's sarcasm....look into my eyes.

For those willing to take a peek at said blogs in progress, here be the links: new manifesto and crumbly nevertheless.

The first, of course, is this one because this post was originally written for my MySpace Profile which is basically the same blog just re-worked and transplanted here...while the second is completely without content. Why you ask? Because at almost the very moment of it's creation, before I was even able to add a description for it, it was locked by Blogger as a potential Spam Site....which is completely understandable, seeing as it has "Do You Want a Bigger Penis" and "Learn to Satisfy Her" written all over it! I received an email from the Blogger Bots with a link to use for the purpose of proving my devotion to the one true God who is Google, who would then unlock my blog and smite my enemies. This, of course, did not work. My new blog remained locked and my enemies flaunted their not smote-ed selves like hookers on Colfax (Denver reference).
This went on for the past several weeks. Every few days I would receive another Blogger Bot email with a link to follow and a request for a pound of flesh as a sacrifice to the One True Light and Way who is Google, succeeded by me trading cigarettes with the homeless for mentioned flesh pound, followed by avoidance of authorities inquiring about the number of transients bleeding out in front of my apartment.

Finally, my worth was accepted by the Grace of Google, and Crumbly Nevertheless was unlocked. Unfortunately, I found the whole situation so exasperating that I still haven't been able to bring myself to finish the layout and start posting the content.....which is what I should be explaining anyway. Yeah, uh, so forget about everything I just said....I was just ranting to fill my "Rant Quota" early this month.

The reason for the second blog is simple: I intend to spam the FUCK out of all of you!!

Ok, no. I'm lying, and I now owe All That is the Light that is named Google through which is the only True Path to Salvation another pound of urchin flesh. So I'll leave the story of Crumbly Nevertheless for the next entry.

Google Bless You All.