Letters Trapped Under Glass, Part 2...Electric Boogaloo!

So, as I had threatened to do in the first part of the above titled post, that you are reading right now.....a previous post that I shall now and forever refer to as "Part One" for reasons that I don't really care to get into right now.......where the hell am I going with this?

Let's start with 'why Crumbly Nevertheless'? The title came from a drawing that my brother and I did one night years ago. We had been working on a series of Exquisite Corpse drawings together and titling them by picking random words out of a dictionary. An Exquisite Corpse, for those of you who don't know, is a dead person 'dressed to the nines'....but that's neither here nor there.

This is the drawing in question, and it happened to be our favorite one of the night (both the actual drawing as well as it's title). What does this have to do with the second as-of-yet ununsed blog? I'm getting to that, Jesus!

I once new a guy in Louisville who had notebooks full of restaraunt reviews that he had written, but written from the prespective of a cockroach. Another person I knew whatched the Dukes of Hazard every day just so that he could record only the jump scenes, which he had filled a few tapes with. Another friend had a collection of photographs she had taken of mailboxes, but was thinking of moving on to photographing toasters in strange places. And I think it might be safe to say that everybody has known at least one person who kept some sort of notebook or journal near them because they liked to quickly write down random quotes they overheard....I've known three, not including myself.
The best part about these examples is that all of the people involved did these things not only because they just 'wanted to', but mostly due to the fact that they needed to!

(non-sequitur: I just hurt my back. I honestly just pulled a major muscle in my back while writing this fucking blog....can you believe that?! Here's to growing older!! [raises glass and winces])

This is one of my favorite things about being born with whatever level of creativity I was lucky enough to be born with, as well as surrounding myself with others of the creative persuasion. Whether it be collecting off-the-wall items, writing down the migratory patterns of hairstyles, staging photographs of the abuse of balloon animals just for the purpose of sending them to PETA, or drawing a quick series of the Sins that didn't make the top seven, every person that I've known with an imagination level high enough to make them want to do anything with it has had this form of creative blood-letting.
It's this process in myself that somewhere along the way I attached the term Crumbly Nevertheless to. For some reason it just seemed fitting. There is the work that I take seriously, the writing of stories and the illustrations....and then there's everything else I feel compelled to do to fill in the gaps. What's funny is that while I've always wanted my more serious work to be what represented me, it's most likely the rest that best defines my personality, this blog that I've been keeping for the past few years being a prime example.

Recently I've been told by a few people at work that I should just put together a show of these items....seeing as my career at Meiningers is littered with random drawings and creations that I am compelled to create to get through certain days with down-time or when I'm stuck at the registers.....AGAIN!! And while I don't think I will be willing to hang these creations on a wall anytime soon, or ever, the idea of putting them out there to share with others is somewhat attractive. Also, seeing as how the act of blogging in and of itself is it's own form of being demonstrative (especially in my case), why not combine the two?

So here we've come full-circle, the reason behind the soon to be second blog. The basic plan for it is to be a place to post all of the above mentioned randomness (be-it drawn, written, or hand-made) from both the present as well as what is still remaining from the past. And while the majority of the content will be mine, I also hope to share related items of others that I happen to come across that make me smile.