And So It Begins....(insert Squishy Sounds Here)

I know that I've been terrible with this here bloggy type thingy that I have been known to use in the recent past to communicate with all of you about my adventures as well as my what-can-be-considered-as-adventures-but-is-nothing-really-more-than-just-made-up-fodder-usually-ending-with-hating-Canadians, and the reason for this a few of you might already know: Canadians are spawn of the Devil and cannot be far as my lack of blogging and communication in general: I have been pacticing my new blog technique which is entirely telepathic. Ok, that's a lie, but it would explain these frequent headaches instead of what my doctor tells me is a result of dehydration due to living in a higher elevation, and that I should drink more water......only to slap me when I bring up the fact that coffee is made with water. And by "my doctor" I mean to say "Guy on the Street who just asked me for change and a smoke", which, I have to admit, makes it all the more infuriating when he slaps me!

Truth be told, I really have no good excuses for why I've been absent as of late. In all honesty, I've just been living in my own world, where I would have my moments where I would consider blogging or responding to messages, only to have them disolve away in my coffee while I continued to get lost for hours with drawings and writings. That, and Canadians ARE the spawn of Satan and should be stopped!!!

So, to try to catch up, what is to follow over the next few days or so is a series of short blogs consisting of what's been going on lately as well as what's been going through my pudding head. As far as the neglected emails and such, I don't know you people!! Who are you and how did you get in my house!!?! I mean, uh, I'll do my best to catch up in that department too.

Praise the Goat!