How the Grain of Salt Won the West....and then the Rains came!

Well dear readers, we come to it yet again.....the glaring fact that Bob Seger has about as much talent and vocal strength as a soggy scab found near the drain of a public shower. But even more important than that is the fact that we have all made it to another Fish Day!!! (God Damn "Hating Bob Seger Day" for falling on my birthday)

For those of you who have joined us within the past 365 days, let me explain what today is.....and let me do so by giving you this HERE LINK
considering that I've written it all down before and I'm currently stuck in lazy mode.

So it is that another year has passed, and if I have learned anything in all my years of people watching, it is that people who tend to breath heavy for no apparent reason disturb me.....but also that during any anniversary of an annual event, at least one person involved has to publicly reflect on what the last year has brought.....most likely doing so while drunk.
So let me take this opportunity to do the same, but also allow me to do this with coffee instead of alcohol, and with mostly fiction instead of primarily fact:

This year has brought with itself many changes, which is understandable when you take into account that it was the Year of the Chameleon in Korea, the Year of the Transexual in France.....and the Year of the Mime in Canada....which I think is every year actually, except for the one year that they declared the Year of the Moose and dressed Moose (Mooses? Meese?) up as mimes, proceeded to get drunk and whine about being inferior.....but a lot of changes this year nonetheless!
This is the year which gave me a new home finally.....but then I moved to Denver, where I am regarded with that same grain of salt that I seem to be everywhere......damn Stalking Salt!
This is the year that gave me steady employment again in a low-paying enviroment, luckily seasoned with awesome people.....except for one know who you are!
It has been during this year that I bought some new socks....developed a cocaine addiction (apparently) to those who can't tell the difference between coke and a fucking crushed aspirin....learned to fly (which is a side effect to waaaaaay too much cocaine)....and had the realization that I will most likely never know the touch of a woman ever again!
But most importantly, this is the year that has allowed me to finally land on my feet and start feeling both grounded and centered again....but never at the same time, lest the Nose Fairy find out.....don't ask.
This was the year that I can say to Clint, "2007 was the Year!".....and it's about fucking time!

For the record, 2007 was also the Year of the Zombie.

Well, it wouldn't be my birthday if I were to leave out this here handy little link:

My Wish List

And, while I realize that it does call itself a "Wish List", that's only because they do not offer a "Need List", which is where I would have put the PSP....because I fucking NEED it!! <---(this is the hint folks) So, thank you to everyone who has been wishing me a Happy bDay! I leave you now to your own devices and hope this day finds you all well and racing to get me that PSP before anyone else! I must go now, for my brother is taking me out for my day......which reminds me....a huge THANKS goes out to Rafael for taking my shift at work tomorrow!