Someone Put Goat in my Pants!

Lab coat.

That is one of my favorite words. Has been for a long time. I couldn't even really explain to you why, it just is. It's better if said slowly and with emphasis. Lab..Coat.
Or 'goat'. I enjoy hearing the word goat.

Goat in a Lab Coat......that's a Lab Coat wearing Goat if ever I did see!

One of my newest of word favorites is the word 'torso'.....for a menagerie of reasons, one of which is that it sounds as if it could mean something completely different than what it actually does.
"Quick! They're onto us! Let's get on our Torsos and ride!"
Or maybe even a name........"Torso McNoodle never saw the faces of his captors, nor would he taste a peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever again!"
That's the same reason why I enjoy the names of muscle groups so much. They always reminded me of mythological places or names or creatures. "Latissimus Dorsi had slain the dreaded Triceps just south of Pectoralis Major."......or "Gluteus Maximus came down with a bad case of the Biceps and shit himself."

I have been thinking about words a lot lately, mainly because I am finally able to write again with some consistency. Finally having an office/studio again after such a long time without is more rewarding that I can even put into torsos.

This blog has kinda gotten away from me. I think I had intended to do an update on what exactly it was that I am working on currently.......maybe. In any case, that would have to be the book Tonic, or the Meresin's Brew rewrite.
One of my biggest flaws (of which, there are many....but we're talking about just when I work) is how easily sidetracked I can get....this blog being a perfect example of which. This is something that I'm really trying to remedy now. It was easy enough blaming being transient for the past year and a half on my lack of production or desire, and really, it WAS difficult trying to work when I felt spread thin over the entire United States, but I am completely relocated here and more than ready to focus on getting what I've been threatening to do, done.
Of course, this might be as easy as trying to stuff a year-old baby into an empty pickle jar, but I'm willing to give it the best of my abilities....seeing as it (it being: focusing on one project at a time until it is completed before going on to the next) reaps far more rewards than baby stuffing, and most likely less jail-time.

I also like the word 'sponge'.