Diseased Dogs of Christmas, and other Stories

So, this is how it is....as soon as I finished making my desk, my laptop felt it was time to quit on me. Nice. Seems that it decided it was done having working memory. Ok, no problem, I still had my desktop to set up....just a minor setback.
But I wasn't aware that both my systems were in a suicide pack together. After setting up the desktop, it felt fit to stab itself in the videocard. Sweet! Two dead computers sitting on a beautiful new desk.

I'm writing this from work, of course. Bah!

This is just a quick blog to let you all know why I've been missing in action for a while now, and to wish everyone a late "Merry Christmas" and a special late "Happy Birthday" to Shoobeedoobeedoo.

For the record, I have finally purchased a new video card as of last night, and plan to instal it tonight, along with a complete reinstal of windows and all my apps. If all goes well, I'll be ordering internet for home this week.

I hope al is well with everyone, and Happy New year and all that jazz.