I am Not Quite Killed in the Face Just Yet......and the Regional Vagina

"Have you gotten any of that Colorado pussy yet?"
I've heard this question far more than I would like to admit, seeing as just once is already way too much. Have I gotten any of that Colorado pussy? Honestly, I wasn't even aware that the female anatomy was prone to geography (barring Asian Vagina, which everyone knows is sideways) and find myself wondering what makes Colorado pussy, Colorado pussy.
"Have you gotten any of that Colorado pussy yet?"
This question usually comes from either my uncle or my uncle's close male friends (and one lesbian friend). No, I have to admit.
"Well, what the hell is the matter? If I was your age I'd be knee deep in it!" (or some variation on the same point)....which has led me to the realization that as you age you slowly become delusional! The thought that being my age would mean that I should be beating the women away with a hatchet or something, or that I could find myself in the mood and just open my door and point, "You and you, now!"
Or that as I get older I might be more prone to seriously give up on being somewhat human and just objectify women entirely. "I used to like good company, but now I just like the 'box'"......
"Have you gotten any of that Colorado pussy yet?"
No, sorry....I'm still hung up on that Nebraska Cock.

Ok, enough of that.
So, I sincerely had the good intentions of writing this here update yesterday, but got sidetracked by more desk building fun and errands.
Here's the quick summary. I have finally moved into my own place in what is known as the Wash Park neighborhood. I had absolutely no furniture so I've been in the process of refurnishing my life, with a combination of new and built items (one of the built items happens to be my replacement desk, which has taken upon itself to slowly kill me.....no really! I awoke to it strangling me the other night!). I have been taking pictures of the process and plan to share them soon, when I get more than a few minutes of internet and can resize and upload them and all that crap. Bah! I need to get my desk done and my own internet. Bah!

As many of you have asked, yes that was me in the zombie outfit from the last post. To unwind from the crazy schedule of work, working, moving and what not, I spent Halloween dressed as the zombie vagrant and walked around Denver looking for change or brains.....I got neither. My brother followed me to take some pics of the experience:

Coincidentally, my brother and I have decided to make this a pet project of ours. He plans to dress as Darth Vader next and pan handle......maybe we'll make a coffee table book of such things? Hmmmmm.

As for right now, I'm going to try to catch up on the month and a half of messages that I have yet to answer and then pack up and head for the new home.