Updates on Serious Blood Loss...

Forging Bronze Dog Innards

So, needless to say, I am back in Denver.....so let's pretend that I never said it. All in all, the trip went better than expected, and I have to say that I am actually surprised at the amount of stuff I still possess. When you put everything that you own into storage, you tend to forget about the big picture of your possessions and create a summarized version of things in your head. Granted, all my furniture is still gone, as is all my artwork done over the past 15 years.....but I knew that. But going through the mess of boxes turned up a treasure chest of things that I forgot that I owned. All the little odds and ends, kitchen stuffs, and what nots. If it wasn't for this nice surprise I do believe that I would have gone through with the plan of stabbing a complete stranger....but instead, I had to just let said stranger go.
So, needless to say, I am back in Denver.....with my car (which is amazing, I just have to say, not only for the amount that it could carry, but how well it carried it all all the way back here) and a full car-load of stuffs.
I actually have enough surviving possessions that I was unable to get everything here in just one trip.....I'm willing to say that I made it here with just about HALF....which means that I now need to formulate another plan to get the rest sometime in the near future.....

Screaming at Little Things on the Ground

So, needless to say, I am back in Denver.....
Today marks yet another day in the Great Apartment Hunt. There are so many places available in the neighborhoods that I'm looking at that it's only a matter of finding the place that stands out to me.....plus it makes me wonder if there are actually more apartments than there are renters in Denver.

Plight of a Four-Legged Squid

I am still absolutely in love with this city! I have decided to pretend that I moved here a long time ago (when I was originally planning to move from Louisville, in the dark age before myspace and blogs) and pretend that the past four or so years never actually happened......besides the friendships forged with Clint Allen and Lizzay Nelson. I figure that if historians can mold the past to meet their conveinient needs, than so can I.
Subsequentally, my NEW past contains stories of my saving the world twice, many rendevous with beautiful and easy women, a new arch enemy (not Clint, in case you were wondering) and encountering a science experiment gone wrong which resulted in the animation of cheese that learned to play the saxophone and now exists solely on appearances on a variety of talk shows............I obviously need more coffee.......be right back.

When Balloons Attack other Balloons

I finally got access to a scanner so I am able to share the drawing I did for the Monkey Themed group show I was fortunate enough to be a part of:

Plus, here is the drawing that I did for Clint's band BLACK ACID CANDY BOX, in case you didn't get a chance to see the flyer:

Pending a Skull Transplant

....and that pretty much sums it up for this day.....I am hoping to find a place (wish me the luck that you can spare), and hoping that after moving into whatever place I can find that I'll start to feel more grounded and can update this here thing more often......and catch up with emails and such.