Invertebrates in the Sock Pile......

Well fellow travelers, and by 'travelers' I mean 'people who read this here little corner of my mind'.....and by 'fellow' I meant 'that guy who keeps coughing in the corner of this here coffee house', and by 'this here coffee house' I mean.......uh......pretty much what I said. I am in one of my new favorite coffee bars called Cafe Europa, supposed to be writing a list of things to pack up from my surviving storage items.....but I couldn't help but blog a little, seeing as it's been a while since I've had the opportunity to do so.

My keyboard is covered with's amazing how easy it is not to notice that until the sun actually hits it just right........of course this has nothing to do with anything, but man! Really! I could collect all of it and make one hell of a undead bunny of keyboard dust to walk aimlessly around the plains looking for it's purpose......latching onto people it encounters and absorbing their ideas and traits as it's own for short periods of time until spotting another victim and hopping onto them..........
.......actually, this now sounds like someone I dated before which is creeping me out. I will leave the dust where it is.

Like I mentioned above, I should be making a list of things of my surviving possessions. The reason for this is that I am FINALLY making my way back to Pennsylvania to get it all and bring it here. I am both giddy with anticipation and soiled with my own filth of apprehension over this. The giddiness comes from the obvious, just the fact of acquiring my car and possessions again and completing this here move once and for all. As much as I hate moving, I have to admit that I love the act of actually being moved, or the unpacking. I am so looking forward to finally getting my own corner in Denver and making it my own. I've always loved getting a new place and going through the process of making it my own....rethinking how things should go and where. I've always been amazed by the people that I've known who take weeks (or longer) to actually unpack after moving, because it usually takes me anywhere from a matter of hours to at most a matter of days considering on the circumstances. And in this case I anticipate the reward to be compounded by a wave of relief of actually finally being moved fully to Denver and shedding the feeling of being 'in between' places, or rather, being 'in the process' of moving like I've felt for near the whole year.
Now, the soiled feeling comes from two sources, neither of which have anything to do with actually soiling myself, which I haven't done for at least twenty minutes. The first comes from actually seeing my stored possessions. I've only been told of the damage and the losses, I have yet to see this for myself, which I'm not sure I'm ready for. The list of damage has near doubled since the initial claim. It seems like every time I talk to the Insurance or to my folks I get a few more items added to the list, usually with a precursor of "Where you terribly attached to "blank"?" With this fact in mind, I'm certain to personally discover even more loss when finally reuniting with my stuff. And even though I've resigned myself with this fact, that doesn't mean I can be fully prepared.
The second half of this soiled feeling has to do with the actual move itself. I have given myself only one full week to accomplish everything.....which, in short, consists of flying into Pittsburg, meeting with the Insurance Rep and stabbing him in the throat, hiding the body, going through my stuff and salvaging what can be while discarding the rest, repacking what I'm keeping, lying to authorities that come looking for missing Rep, driving from Central Pennsylvania to Denver.
I plan on drinking a lot of coffee.....moreso than what I consume on a daily basis now.

But, in all honesty, the anticipation does far outway the dread. I have felt in between places for FAR too long, and I'm looking forward to starting the process of growing some roots again.....or at least getting to the point where I feel less compelled to write blogs about where I'm at mentally and physically and get back to writing the nonsence I used to write being cut from a Jib and whatnot.