Floating Above the Coffee......

Parasites in the Soggy Pillow

The plane ticket has been purchased, and time off work secured....so I am hoping that it's official this time. The aquiring and moving of my car and possessions, that is. I hold my breath as I write this due to the fact that every time this has been planned before, some event would prevent it....like being evicted from our condo, a water explosion in the storage room.....or a qiant squid attack. I also hold my breath because of the light headed feeling that follows and the chance that me head will fall flat on my keyboard resulting in a iufbhgkidjldjiidjffdjkgnbfkjgnbfjgnbf............ow.
So, I will be on route to PA starting on the 15th, and hopefully to return here with whatever survived by the 22nd.

"Never" Can Only Be Measured in Kentucky Apparently

Ten reasons why Clint Allen should move to Denver:

10) A whole new area to explore on foot, and evenings cool enough to do so, even in the heart of summer.
9) A music scene that is alive and varied, and doesn't just cater to itself and it's friends in the local Alt Mag.
8) All day Bleach Sale at Target!!! (I'm going to hell)
7) Nobody here yells "Fag" at you when you walk down the street....instead they yell "Joto", which I'm taking to mean, "You look cool, here's twenty dollars!"
6) A whole new chance to alienate himself from a new population of waitresses...
5) A chance to reinstate the long Brainstorming walks, in which we will come up with great ideas, wet ourselves laughing, and never be able to recall any of what we thought of later....
4) His brother is a dick, and should be shunned! YOU HERE ME BILLY?! SHUNNED!!!
3) Because I am working on making his band mates move here....Black Acid Candy Box, Denver Addition!
2) The Iced Tea here is actually drinkable....
1) Because I told him to!!!

Masked Worms holding Balloons in the Corner

I really don't have anything else to write about, but I have a half a cup of my Mocha to finish and then some drawings to work on before packing up and heading back to the apartment.

That is all......

Please pull up to the second window.