While Dawning a Circumstance-Skin Coat.....

Recently I learned the "Pull my Finger" gambit that everyone has been talking about. For those of you who have yet to experience this exciting flavor of Pop Culture, allow me to ruin the surprise for you....it makes the "pullee", or the initiator, fart. Hot damn! That is funny! "Pull my finger!" - "Uh, ok? Oh! That's great.....you farted. Wow. You farted right when I pulled. Good for you. You're like a machine. Just like a white trash robot with a switch that makes you seem to shit in your pants. I'm going to walk away now and never speak to you again."
I realize that many of you probably already know this trick, and are wondering how it might be that I didn't. Well, in truth, I have heard of it before, it just meant something completely different in my family. It's not that I didn't grow up with the one family member who got drunk at family gatherings and asked all the kids to pull his finger....it's just that when the finger in question was actually tugged upon, the free hand was used to put a shiv in the belly of the unfortunate puller. Needless to say, we all fell for this trick only once, either because we were clever enough to associate "Pull my Finger" with terrible pain and emergency room visits, or because we died. That uncle was the most feared person in my family.

I suppose that today is the official moving day into Denver....Part 1, that is. The actual apartment that my brother is willing to share with me for a few months (until Corinne, his wife to be, is out of her lease and switches places with me) won't actually be available until this Tuesday the 13th. But, due to circumstances beyond our control --which, if one were to think about it, is the very nature of circumstances...for those who actually do have control over them refer to them as 'events' or sometimes 'occurrences', though occurrences are rare to see in the wild these days, having been hunted to near extinction for their valuable pelts and medicinal horns-- we feel it best to leave this condo a few days early.
So, today is the official moving day into Denver....Part 1; into the living room of Corinne and her roommate, Allie's, apartment in Capital Hill. Part 2 will be moving everything again into the new apartment come Tuesday. Part 3, which is mine and mine alone, will come a month or two later into my own studio, hopefully staying within Capital Hill. I'm tired already....if only I had some Occurrence Horn Powder to add to my coffee.

In other newses: I started working full time at a place called Meiningers in Denver, pushing all sorts of art supplies and art supply related materials....hoping to eventually be promoted to the "upstairs" in the admin portion of the company....still trying to figure out who to sleep with for that.
I enjoy the job, though it's retail, mainly due to the people I work with, and the people who come in. Plus, I'll be getting a great discount on items that I'll be slowly replacing from the storage disaster.

Speaking of which....still fighting the insurance company over the amount of what my lost art and supplies are/were worth. Example: they offered an amount of $15 an hour towards the hours worked on the very large drawings that I had lost. Fine, I thought. Then I explained that one drawing in particular took near 90 hours (this was a 24" x 36" pen and ink drawing), they responded that there was no way it could have taken more than 2 hours.....to which I said "Pull my finger."

I should be finally getting the remaining possessions from Pennsylvania by the end of August....I suppose that that would count as moving Part 3a....moving Part 3b being the move into my own studio in a few months....in case any of you need to make a note of it, which, in all honesty, would frighten me if you did.

And finally, there's a good chance that I'll be minus internet access for a while due to the combinations of moving.....I'm already getting the shakes.....but that could also be due to the loss of blood from my sucking chest wound.......fucking uncle!