Stop Stabbing the Sponge....

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I'm alive (barely) and that I have been promised that it's not as infected as it looks or feels. A quick update due to the fact that I'm writing this right now from a coffee house here in the wonderful world of Denver, because I don't have internet access in the new temporary place. The good news is that, unlike Brooklyn which charged me near $12 an hour for internet and then laughed at me and punched me til I wet my pants, internet access is free here!!! There are coffee houses and bars and restaraunts and what nots that all offer free wifi! Praise the dead baby god in the barrel in the sky, with a mouthful of noodles! I'll stop that now.....sorry.

So, here comes the update:

Wait for it.......wait for it.......

First, the move from the pit of Westminster to Denver is finally least somewhat. I am sharing a spot with my drunk brother for a few months, taking my time and looking for a place of my own, where I can strip naked and make as many muffins as I see fit. I look forward to those days, as I'm sure you don't care. I say 'somewhat' above because of the fact that my brother still has items to move into the new place, and I still have a mass moving of my soggy and ruined stuff from Pennsylvania to look forward to.
But I am OUT of Westminster! And finally in Denver, which I have to say is my new favorite place. More on that later.........wait for it.......

Second, I think that I really dig my new job, all but the fact that it doesn't pay as much as I would like. Everyone that I work with is cool and refrain from throwing stuff at me when I'm not looking which is always a plus. One of the best things about working at an art supply store is that you work with other artists and creative types.....and you get to deal with artists as also have to deal with 70 year old craft experts who come in to show you the hundreds of watercolor paintings they've done of thier cats, but I can live with that.

Third.....there is no third.

Fourth, I was lucky enough to be a part of my first group show here in Denver last night. A few of the people that I work with put on an art/music/poetry slam at a bar called Three Kings, in the basement gallery space. They have been organizing this event for a while, but I didn't hear about it until the beginning of the week. They were really cool to let me be a part of it, and tolerant enough to still put my piece up at the very last second (it took me all week to finish the drawing, matt and frame it).
The show was monkey themed....that is, monkey themed. Do I really need to go into more explaination?
I wish that I could share some images with you all here, but I haven't had the chance to get any of them onto this here computing I'll have to share later.
The show was a blast and I seemed to get a really good response from everyone for the drawing. There were some amazing work on the walls. The whole experience has finally inspired me to start building a new body of work again after losing all of it to the storage disaster, so hopefully I'll have some drawing updates to share in the near future.

Fifth, please send me all your money. I is the poor right now.

Sixth, yes, I realize that my profile is looking pretty fucked lately. It seems that my web host has a problem with proper billing. I have been offline for a few days, and it seems that my bill for the next two years became due. Unlike most companies who will inform you weeks in advance that a bill is coming up, my host works like this: "Dear Fisher, you hosting fee is due....riiiiiight......NOW! Oooo late."
So, I paid the fees today and await the suspension to be lifted in the next few days.

Seventh, I haven't had the chance to work on the new zombiespoon ideas that many of you have given me. The moving has made that difficult.

.....and that's about it in a nut pouch. I leave you all now to talk amongst yourselves, as I need to update all kinds of accounts with my new address and phone number and what not.