The Story of Soggy Ten Parts...Part Eight

Part Eight: the Mixed Blessing Blood Trail

So, yeah. I haven't kept up with this here bloggy machine thing that well as of late, nor have I been very good at keeping in touch with many friends, acquaintances or those that I don't even really like but scare me enough into pretending that I do lest I find myself forced into race dialing 911 while they swing a rusty nail-studded bat around my room while screaming unintelligible phrases about the "little piggies"! (You know who you are!)

So, I suppose a little list of current events is in order:

A plan was finally formulated to acquire my possessions from storage (including my car). This would have taken place the first week of August. The key-word here is "would".

My brother and I were recently asked to leave the condo we are/were living in in Westminster by our landlords, who I suspect made this decision while on one of their many coke-addled benders. At first we were given 30 days and the story that they planned to sell the condo....that turned into 12 days and a story that they needed the time to fix the place up for other potential renters. After much protesting and threatening of legal recourse, it turned back into 30 days...and so on. At this point I really have lost track of how much time we have and what the new reason behind the decision is, and I couldn't really give a fuck. This is what put the "would" in the previous event.

Before I left Pennsylvania I took everything I still owned out of the storage place that I was renting and put it into the corner of the small unfinished room of the basement in my folk's house. Now, due to an error on the plumber's part when the house was being constructed, the drain in that room had to be plugged because it was a slightly higher elevation than the others and caused slight problems with the toilets and what not. This would only ever be a problem if, let's say, one of the two water-heaters not five feet from where my stuff was, exploded and then proceeded to spray unchecked for 12 or so hours. I don't know the full extent of the loss, and probably won't for the next few days, but I do know that so far the casualties include my bed, the desk, the drawing table, my matte-cutter, framed artwork (mine as well as others that were bought or given to me), all my crescent board, my case of Arches Paper, an undetermined (as of yet) number of books and the entire contents of my portfolio. The lone water heater also took out my parent's basement basically....including their bar, bathroom, some furniture and all the carpet. What a soldier!

I was described, many years ago by the parents of one of my close friends, as insouciant, which has become one of my favorite words. For the most part I'd like to believe that that is true, but that's not to mean that I don't suffer from the same moods as others, just that I usually do a good job of either hiding it from everybody or knowing when to avoid people altogether, usually only my close friends or those that have known me for years being able to see through the façade.
Luckily, this fact still held true during all of this, for I honestly believe that had I somehow found myself as coke-addled as my landlords, I would have been picked up by the police in Denver for publicly punting babies!
As fun as that would have been, I have also learned in all my years that the downsides to things usually come with upsides in the same package. Luckily this holds true with all of the events listed above.

My folks apparently have great Homeowner's Insurance, and even though we don't know the full extent of the damage as of yet, we have been assured that everything will be covered....I just wish I could see the representative's face when he learns exactly HOW MUCH some of this lost stuff was worth.
This promised sum affords me the ability to not only stay in Colorado (which I really thought I'd have to leave after the many conflicting announcements of when and why we were being expelled from the condo) but to move into Denver far earlier than I originally had planned to, which is good due to the fact that I really can't stand Westminster!
This also puts acquiring my stuff and car back into motion, just slated for the end of August now instead of the beginning. And let's face's looking like I'll have less to move now! Ha!

I think I just shit blood in my pants......