The Story of Soggy Ten Parts...Part One

Part One: the Butter Dish Dust

I have been terrible at keeping up not only with this here bloggish type tool, but with friends and family in general. I have been meaning to update everyone with the tale of leaving Pennsylvania for Kansas City, and then the journey onward to Colorado....but what I just typed is all that you are going to get. Sorry. Too much time has passed and what I had originally formed to write in my mind has been replaced with little dancing bunnies wielding knives and grinning at me I choose not to think of it.

The big news is this: basically I am now becoming a Coloradian, or whatever the hell they call themselves here. At least for the time being, if not longer.
I am currently living in a little town just North of Denver called Westminster, in an apartment shared to me by my brother and our friend Kristen.
What started as a visit has now turned into a relocation.
My stuff, on the other hand, is still living in Pennsylvania.....I bet it hasn't found work either.