Let's Re-Arrange the Alphabet......for Some Reason...

Today, I am proud to announce, that I discovered the joys of altitude sickness! Hot damn! For those of you not familiar with this condition, let me just say that it is a lot like having a very bad flu only instead of being brought on by a microscopic virus, it is brought on by Colorado.
Yep, I have made it to the fine state of Colorado, where the air is thinner, the mountains are in full view, and blood is apparently replaced by goo. This is a very strange area; nothing over two stories tall exists, there are no such things as 24 hour convienient stores, and Kansas is right to the East of here!

I started this blog this morning actually, with the intentions of summing up my travels thus far.....but then the vomitting hit me and afterwards I spent the rest of the day in bed dreaming of Emo kids digging for potatoes that screamed when unearthed. Now it's 3 in the morning here, and although I do feel better than when I was bent over a toilet, I still feel spent.
So, hello to everyone! I'm still alive, and I'll write more later when I feel up to it.

Oh, and I have recently been "tagged" again (thanks Rachael).....so I suppose that I need to come up with ten more facts to share with the lot of you. Bah!