the Greatest Blog I have EVER Written redux as many of you have figured out by this point, I'm a bastard. No, it's true. That last blog post of mine was nothing more than a false title with no body and set to private in my response to the growing number of private blogs being posted recently. Annoying, isn't it?
See, if you are going to write a blog post on your public forum, then why in the name of the toast that I dropped on the floor earlier today and ate it anyways would you then make it private?! Don't they still make those things of pages bound together called diaries? Some even have cute pictures on them of Hello Kitty, and some even say PRIVATE and come with tin foil locks.

Bah! Bah I say! Bah!

Bear with me here folks, I'm exhausted right now. I only started writing this post right now to explain the last post, as well as to let everyone in on the fact that I will be leaving from Pennsylvania tomorrow, first for the family swamp of Kansas City, and later for the state of Colorado. I might return here, and I might not. There is a good chance that Colorado might be my next homeless step towards the goal of Seattle. I really can't say right now. But, regardless, I'm leaving and probably not going to be online that often for the next several weeks.
Now, just because I'm not going to be around as often for a while doesn't mean that I don't love you. The truth is, I have never loved you, and if your mother had been on birth control pills like she said she was, we wouldn't even be discussing this now......wait.....sorry, I just suffered a weird flashback.

It's been a long, long day......I need to lay down. Goodnight.