Boiling Leeches for Fun and Profit....

It came to my attention today, that I have a better laptop than I originally thought. I have recently been toying with the idea of getting rid of my desktop eventually and replacing it with a laptop. All part of my "down-sizing" stage that I've been in due to the ammount of moving I've put myself into. The only problem I've had with my current laptop, the reason I would wait before selling my desktop system, is that it didn't have a dvd burner....or so I thought. While checking my laptop today about the ability to replace the drive I discovered that it IS a dvd burner....not only that, but it's got the ability to dual layer burn!! I've had this laptop for over a year now, and I had no idea! The only thing I can think of that would be more pitiful than that would be a married couple pretending that they are the man and woman in those annoying ESurance animated commercials.

But none of that has anything to do with this forget I said any of it!

No, this is about the other realization that I had today....that is, that I have no idea where I plan to go next. This is a first for me, so I'm at a loss. And for this reason, I am now accepting city/state/country applications from all of you. Let me know why I should consider moving to your neck of the woods....or why I shouldn't....and I'll take all of what you tell me into consideration for a time, before I forget it and then make my own desision on a whim (like I do everything).
Some requirements: area must have muffins and good coffee to be purchased.....actually, those are the only requirements.....No! And employment opportunities! Muffins, Coffee and Jobs.....and single women. Muffins, Coffee, Jobs and Single Women.......and Wine. Damnit! Ok...Muffins, Coffee, Jobs, Single Women and Wine..........and Free Cable......and maybe large Natural Deposites of Soup.'s clear that I need more coffee....and who wants to buy a good desktop computer?