An Angel for your Thoughts....I Want Change for That!

Ok....most of you have heard the saying used a lot around this time of year, "When you hear a bell, an angel got it's wings!" This is all too true, but it's not the end of the story....just a tiny tidbit of what's really going on in the angelic order. There is a long list of signs given to us to let us know what's going on to God's winged servants. After years of research through many volumes of ancient text and exhausting interviews with eye-witnesses, I give you just a small part of the larger story...I hope it helps....uh....with your athlete's foot....or something.........uh, yeah.

- When your ear itches, an angel is watching you.

- When your eyes water, an angel is crying.

- When you hear a sneeze, an angel gets the flu.

- When your nose starts running, an angel is out of toilet paper.

- When you hear a fart, an angel just lost it's wings.

- Everytime someone says "Holy Shit!", an angel shits itself.

- When you pay a cover at a bar and then immediately leave and ask for a refund, an angel asks another angel if it's mad at him repeatedly.

- When you hear someone yelling angrily in French, you are probably in France.
(sorry, had to add that)

- When you drop a dumpling on the floor, an angel ponders something intangible.

- When you run over a squirrel in your car, an angel gets the shit kicked out of him in some dive bar in Jersey by a trucker named Dale.

Oh, and every time you post a blog an angel loses 50 or so brain goal has been and continues to be to make a large group of God's good angels drooling idiots in my lifetime.

Happy Holidays!